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Our Services

We offer several services to benefit instructors’ and partner institutions’ success with online, blended and distributed learning.

Consultations and course design services

The Manitoba Flexible Learning Hub can offer consultations on designing an online course, from pedagogical to digital media options and suggestions. All our consultations are free and online allowing us to reach all instructors across Manitoba.

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Instructional design consultations

Members of one of our partner institutions are able to access free consultation services for evidence-based pedagogical practices on online learning experience, including online course materials, single modules, learning objectives, assignments, or quizzes. Connect with us so we can start the creative process.

Creative media design consultations

Work with our Digital media specialists to add engagement, interest, and personality to course content. We offer digital video, motion graphics and infographics.

Course and module design

Work with our Instructional designers to ensure your course has the best alignment, pedagogy and activities to meet your teaching objectives. Review our Course development process to understand requirements and who required for initiation of course development.

Engaging and clear course design is essential to learner success in online education. Our team develops effective educational solutions to accommodate the course needs and objectives of the content authors that we work with.

Professional development services

The Manitoba Flexible Learning Hub shares for course authors, online instructors, and partners opportunities for professional development through our design and development process.

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Quality Matters Standards

We believe a great online learning experience comes from a high-quality course and great facilitation. We offer Quality Matters (QM) training and resources to all of our partner institutions to help build high-quality online courses. Quality Matters proactively reviews and updates best practices and the rubric with changing knowledge and technology.

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Teaching and learning resources

We are constantly researching, gathering and updating resources for online teaching and learning, whether for synchronous, asynchronous, blended or distributed learning.

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Content review May 2023