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Content reviewed August 2023

Course alignment services

Syllabus and course outline

The Manitoba Flexible Learning Hub (MB Hub) has expanded its alignment service to support all our partners in aligning their flexible learning (online, blended, distributed or hybrid) course outline or syllabus with the Quality Matters Higher Education (QM HE) Rubric standard or partner internal course quality rubrics.

For this service, partners or individual instructors only need to send a copy of your current course outline or syllabus template as a stand-alone document or LMS format.  MB Hub staff will align the template and return a new template file to the requestor. We also have alignment service consultations available for one-to-one support to the instructor where required.

This alignment service benefits students, instructors, and academic staff. Quality Matters (QM) focuses on looking at the course from the student’s perspective. Evidence shows that QM-aligned courses significantly positively impact student learning and engagement (Sadaf, Martin, & Ahlgrim-Delzell, 2019).

While instructors will have a course closer to completing QM alignment “out of the gate.” By using a QM-aligned course outline or syllabus, a course can be nearly 50% QM-aligned. This could be a starting point for future QM course certification, typically requiring 85% alignment.

Read our July blog post to learn more about QM HE Rubric 7 edition changes to see how they match with our Manitoba post-secondary values.

Select one option

Submit your template for alignment

Use our upload form to submit your file for the alignment service (Site login required).

Note: If you do not have a login, you can register for access using your partner institution’s email address.

Book an Alignment service consultation meeting

Meet with our instructional designer to discuss any issues or concerns you have with the process. For example, you are concerned that your internal institutional, faculty or departmental standards might conflict with QM or that you want to ensure additional standards are kept in place.


Sadaf, A., & Martin, F., & Ahlgrim-Delzell, L. (2019). Student Perceptions of the Impact of Quality Matters-Certified Online Courses on Their Learning and Engagement. Online Learning. 23. 214-233. 10.24059/olj.v23i4.2009.