September 2023 teaching and learning resources

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September teaching and learning resources

This month, a curated list of higher educational news articles, a mini section on climate pedagogy and resources for incorporating technology into your teaching practice.


More faculty are aware of and using open educational resources

Source: Inside Higher Ed 

A study finds increasing levels of buy-in of open resources, with about three in 10 instructors requiring OER in their courses. 

Teaching: Want your students to be skeptical of ChatGPT? Try this.

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education 
David Weiss was a bit nervous when he decided to dive into the ethically complicated world of generative AI this semester. A part-time English instructor at Georgia Gwinnett College, Weiss teaches English composition to first-year students. What lessons would they draw from using it? Was he handing them a tool to cheat? 

Source: The 
The Access Copyright licence, which only covered physical photocopies of up to 20 percent of work in 2011, no longer made sense given the growing impacts of digital disruption. A shift from print to digital materials was happening in many sectors at this time. 

How university wi-fi networks better digital equity in surrounding communities

Source: EdTech Magazine 
Extending Wi-Fi reach to neighbouring communities helps universities close the digital divide. 

How students use unofficial online backchannels for classes

Source: EdSurge 
Students increasingly turn to private systems to create online groups around individual college classes. It’s a practice that has gone on for years, but teaching experts say it intensified during pandemic campus shut-downs, when students were looking for ways to connect. 

Climate pedagogy articles

How ‘climate anxiety’ affects students — and what we can do about it

Source: Ed Surge 
There are plenty of factors affecting students’ mental health these days. Continuing reverberations from pandemic-era remote learning, gun violence and social media to name a few. 

There appears to be yet another to add to the list — Climate anxiety.

The climate-conscious college

Source: The Chronicle of Higher Education 
Across the country, colleges have taken similar steps to update their curricula in ways that inspire action and not just fear. Many of those efforts address sustainability more broadly, and the need to balance environmental, economic, and social goals. 

Instresseted more on this topic, check these further resources:

Climate Action Pedagogy (CAP) design challenge

The CAP Design Challenge will inspire and support educators in creating or redesigning one learning artifact to address climate action with their students.

Source: OneHE/Karen Costa

Important: Paid membership required

FLO Lab: Introducing a climate-kind pedagogy framework to support climate education

Source: BCcampus

Date: Nov 29, 2023

Time: Wed 29th Nov 2023, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm CST

Important: This event will not be recorded.

Incorporating technology into your teaching resources 

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