March teaching and learning resources

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March teaching and learning resources

A short, curated list of articles, podcasts, books, whitepaper or videos for teaching and learning professionals.

Hybrid Learning and Space Reimagination: Optimizing Access and Equity to Promote Student Success 

Learning spaces and technology infrastructure have become increasingly important to the student experience. Higher education leaders have an obligation to reimagine hybrid learning in ways that can achieve accessible and equitable education for student success.

ChatGPT and the Higher Education: Initial Prevalence and Areas of Interest

A survey of college and university websites gives an early indication about the ways institutions are addressing generative AI and what it might mean for higher education.

Students Want a Better Education Experience. First, Teachers Must Master Deeper Learning.

When students are engaged in deeper learning, they have the opportunity to experience different identities. They are in dialogue with themselves, discovering experiences that can ignite a fire for discovery and mastery. What might be possible if we did this for our educators?

White Paper: Course Design Considerations for Inclusion and Representation

The concepts of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are explained in detail, based on research that shows the importance of incorporating these elements into online course design and the disadvantages many learners experience when they are not present.

Several models for developing inclusive course design are described, including Universal Design for Learning (UDL) — for ensuring access to learning for all learners; Inclusive Design Thinking, which centers the design process on learner needs; and the Morrison, Ross and Kemp Instructional Design Model that includes nine core elements to be implemented cyclically.

Strategies for applying the psychosociocultural framework, which supports the redistribution of power in the learning space; validation theory; and engagement practices that emancipate learners from the systems and barriers that may hinder their success are shared.

More Equitable Outcome through Instructional Design

Teaching online Podcast: EPISODE 122
Guest Katrina Wehr joins hosts Tom and Kelvin to talk about how the role of an instructional designer can lead to more equitable outcomes for all students within the work of online or digital teaching and learning.


Accessagogy: Episode 2

Accessagogy is a new short-form podcast about accessibility and pedagogy, from a professor at U of T. This episode, focuses on alt text, what alt text is, and how alt text can be used in educational spaces and in social media to support more accessible communications.