August teaching and learning resources

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August teaching and learning resources

A short, curated list of articles, conferences, podcasts, books, whitepapers or videos for teaching and learning professionals.


The design of hybrid teaching environments: 10 questions answered

Overall, hybrid teaching has the potential to transform the way we think about and deliver higher education. While this model may not be suitable for every subject or every institution, it is a viable and promising option for many. 

Note: The hybrid in this context equates to our partner institutions’ blended or distributed learning options.  

Last year’s survey, which had asked about the demand for online learning between the falls of 2020 and 2021, found that, unsurprisingly, older undergraduates and graduate students wanted online learning to stay, Simunich said. However, this year’s report shows that the demand has increased and spans across the student population.

Campus engagement tip: connecting online-only learners

Tiger-2-Tiger works like a text-based social media platform (think Facebook or LinkedIn) where other students or campus members can react or respond to other posts. The site also allows moderation, staff and faculty member interaction, and content-based support.

Cool tools: Zoom whiteboard

This allows educators and learners to use the Whiteboard virtual hub to create engaging and efficient meeting experiences—from anywhere. Whiteboards are designed to work across all supported Zoom hardware platforms, from laptops to in-room, full-size Zoom Rooms for Touch devices.

Unleashing the power of active learning: revolutionizing online education for unprecedented engagement and achievement

The key to unlocking this new era of educational success lies in integrating active learning strategies. By immersing students in dynamic activities, stimulating discussions, and collaborative endeavours, educators can transcend the limitations of the digital realm and revolutionize online teaching. 


Enhancing authentic immersive learning experiences through simulations 

Tales of Teaching Online Podcast: Episode #61

Immersive learning simulation experiences can range from the more basic yet realistic role-player simulations to complex, high-end technology-driven activities. Ash Quarrell talks about how basic skills simulations can often be just as effective as very expensive technological applications, ‘The big pitfall for a lot of people is that technology equals simulation. It’s always reminding yourself that you know pedagogy before technology. 

Maturing the core work of online education

TOPCAST: Episode #140

Guest Neil Mosley joins the podcast hosts Tom to discuss ways to gauge and foster maturity in how institutions carry out learning design, the core work of online education. The topic is discussed from a UK perspective.


Top tips for online presenting with Kirsten Rourke

Instructional Designers In Offices Drinking Coffee: Episode #229

Kirsten Rourke has tips and tricks for levelling up your online presentation skills. She’s been a trainer, consultant, and top presenter, for years and teaches others how to do it too. You need these skills now more than ever. Even if you think you’re pretty good at presenting in the real world, that skillset and confidence may not translate effectively into the virtual world. 

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