October 2023 teaching and learning resources

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October teaching and learning resources

This month, a curated list of higher educational news articles and podcasts:

Showcasing solutions to promote civil discourse on campuses

Is there a civil discourse crisis in higher education? Judging from the controversial speakers shouted down on campuses and the sessions cancelled at scholarly meetings, the complicated and often combustible mix of academic freedom, free speech and opposition to hate speech has created a landscape seemingly littered with rhetorical landmines. 

There are times when course material can unexpectedly ignite charged classroom discussions that leave both students and teachers feeling unprepared and overwhelmed. It is incumbent upon instructors to approach these types of discussions with care by creating a classroom atmosphere based on respect, open dialogue, and active engagement. 

An academic tightrope: cultivating well-being for success in higher education

Prioritizing our well-being is an essential part of thriving in academia. Well-being means we are content, fulfilled, and resilient.  When we take care of ourselves both psychologically and physically, this has a positive impact on other educators, staff, and students. Collectively, this also creates an overall culture of wellness on our campus. In other words, well-being is contagious. 

Universities must ‘break norms’ to combat cheating

A convincing veneer of academic integrity can help bring about the real thing, finds the literature review. Although societal norms can drive students to cheat, they can also be manipulated to promote honesty, a literature review suggests. 

UWinnipeg certificate equipping teachers of Indigenous languages

A certificate program launched last year by The University of Winnipeg is equipping the next generation of Indigenous languages teachers, who resumed their studies this fall with their sights firmly set on revitalizing languages that carry a world of culture, history and meaning. 

Why Professors Are Polarized on AI

Academics who perceive threats to education from AI band together as a survival mechanism. The resulting alliances echo divisions formed during online learning’s emergence. 

Assignment makeovers in the AI age

Episode 481 of the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast 

The technologies at play in higher education changed dramatically in a very short amount of time, and that required us to kind of rethink what we were doing as teachers. 

Plain language

Episode 13 of Accessagogy podcast 

This episode talks about plain language and why it is essential to know how to provide information in higher education spaces. The episode includes resources with examples of each to support this in resource creation and calls for sharing examples that have been useful in higher education. 

Will Hybrid Teaching Stick Around as the Pandemic Fades?

Instructors who felt forced to quickly allow for remote options or teach remotely are now eager to get back to what they consider normal. 

Cultivating Collaboration and Consistency in Grading: Applying the GRADE Strategy

Grading student work can be the most labor-intensive part of the job for most of us. We often feel pulled in multiple directions – with service commitments and research projects on top of teaching responsibilities – so finding time to grade student papers, exams, projects, and in-class work can feel challenging. 

Incorporating nature into education can build skills and improve mental health

Learn about the University of Waterloo’s new initiative called Land Skills for Wellness and Sustainability. 

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