A group of four young adults of mixed genered and ethicity sit arounfa on open laptop smiling and pointing to the screen.

Accessibility and Usability in Online Course Design

Accessibility and Usability in Online Course Design Written by Sasha White, Instructional Designer Edited by: Debra Sinkarsin The Manitoba Flexible Learning Hub hosted an Accessibility and Usability webinar on December 1, 2021. From the 14 of 29 registered attendees that participated, valuable input was gleaned specifically with the focus on key principles in accessibility and…

A multi-ethnic team of co-workers meet together via video conferencing.

Avoiding Screen Fatigue

Written by  Iwona Gniadek, Instructional Designer Edited by Nancy Fischer Screen fatigue, or known by its new moniker as Zoom Fatigue, is a feeling of weariness during or after attending a videoconference. Everyone is likely to experience it, with differing symptoms such as eye/emotional distress, avoidance of social contact, and feeling too mentally drained to do anything…

Illustration of diverse society social distancing from each other while protecting against air-bourne infection.

Learn 8 Accessibility Basics for Instructors

Written and designed by  Joanne Laval, Senior Digital Media Specialist Edited by Nancy Fischer Senior Digital Media Specialist Joanne Laval presents an infographic outlining the basics of making sure you can create course content and resources with online accessibility in mind.