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Course TitleCreative Commons (Y/N)LMSPartner Institution(s)Language
Family StructuresYBrightspaceassiniboine, community, collegeEnglish
Health, Nutrition, and SafetyNMoodleassiniboine, community, collegeEnglish
Orientation to CollegeNMoodleassiniboine, community, collegeEnglish
Myth Busting: Four Misconceptions People Have About Indigenous CultureYBrightspaceassiniboine, community, collegeEnglish
Learning Online (2017)N/ABrightspace / Moodleassiniboine, community, college
university, of, winnipeg
Advanced Clinical PracticeY
(with restrictions)
Moodlebrandon, universityEnglish
MuseumsNMoodlebrandon, universityEnglish
ANS 1000NBrightspaceuniversity, college, northEnglish
ANS 1001NBrightspaceuniversity, college, northEnglish
Development Across the LifespanNBrightspaceuniversity, college, northEnglish
Photovoice MethodYBrightspaceuniversity, college, northEnglish
Roles and Responsibilities of the Educational AssistantNBrightspaceuniversity, college, northEnglish
Academic Integrity in the Visual and Spatial ArtsYBrightspaceuniversity, manitoba, logo, newEnglish
Agriculture HR ManagementNBrightspaceuniversity, manitoba, logo, newEnglish
Agricultural LawNBrightspaceuniversity, manitoba, logo, newEnglish
Career and Professional Development ProgramNN/Auniversity, manitoba, logo, newEnglish
Learning OnlineYBrightspace / Moodleuniversity, manitoba, logo, newEnglish / Mandarin
Music TheoryNBrightspaceuniversity, manitoba, logo, new
Sexual Violence AwarenessYBrightspaceuniversity, manitoba, logo, newEnglish
Teaching OnlineYBrightspace / Moodleuniversity, manitoba, logo, newEnglish
Teaching Instructional MethodsYOER Resourcered, river, collegeEnglish
Communiquer avec assertivitéNMoodleuniversite, saint-bonifaceFrench
Concepts of Sound RecordingNMoodleuniversite, saint-bonifaceFrench
Informational LiteracyNMoodleuniversite, saint-bonifaceFrench
Les troubles de santé mentale chez les enfants et les adolescentsNMoodleuniversite, saint-bonifaceFrench
MathNMoodleuniversite, saint-bonifaceFrench
Teaching Online (2017)N/AN/Auniversite, saint-boniface
university, of, winnipeg
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