Good-Bye, Dave!

goodbye, balloons

Happy Retirement Dave…

The very first e-mail I received (January 8, 2015) from Dave Neale was: “I caught your presentation at the USB colloquium a couple of weeks ago. I’m going to be on campus next Monday afternoon and wonder if you would have some time to meet. I’d like to fill you in on what is going on at Campus Manitoba and learn more about what you are doing in the Centre.”

Little did I know that this seemingly simply request would turn into a multi-year commitment and something called “The Manitoba Flexible Learning HUB”!

I now recognize this process as Dave’s modus operandi – thinking outside the box and setting his sights on the larger goals; opportunities for discourse, collaboration, and professional development; opportunities for the benefit of college and university learners across Manitoba. Lofty ideals indeed, but ones that everyone associated with The Manitoba Flexible Learning HUB has, in turn, taken to heart and are now themselves promoting.

Well done, Dave.

Thanks for all your effort and dedication. Happy trails!

Dr. Mark G. Torchia
Executive Director, The Centre
Associate Professor of Surgery

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