Learning Online

In this course we will introduce you to the world of online learning; we will show you how it works, debunk a few common misconceptions about online learning environments, and explore some differences you will encounter when taking courses online rather than in a traditional classroom.

Audience: Students new to online learning
Course or Module: Course
Language: English
Approx. Time to Complete: 20 hrs.
LMS: D2L/Brightspace and Moodle

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Welcome to Learning Online!

This course is made possible by a partnership between (name of course host institution) and the Manitoba Flexible Learning HUB. The HUB is a resource for the development of fully online courses, blended learning modules, and learning resources.

Course Summary

This course addresses the benefits and challenges of online learning for students. You will review the skills required for successful learning in online environments, as well as discover strategies to overcome challenges. This course is designed to help students feel prepared to learn online.

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