Myth Busting: Four Misconceptions People Have About Indigenous Culture

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Personal reflection and experience is one of the primary ways that our people discussed history, teachings and ceremonies.

Audience: Students in or interested in Indigenous Studies
Course or Module: Module
Language: English
Approx. Time to Complete: 1 hr.
LMS: D2L/Brightspace and Moodle

This module is temporarily archived and pending update review.

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Welcome to Myth Busting: Four Misconceptions People Have About Indigenous Culture

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Course Summary

This module will touch on four areas:

1.) Do Indigenous people pay taxes?

2.) Are Indigenous people all the same?

3.) Is education free for all Indigenous people?

4.) What is the difference between Treaty, Status and Non-Status?

The information presented in this module will help you recognize the existence of many myths about Indigenous people; with a greater informed awareness, you will be able to differentiate truth from fiction. You can apply this new knowledge when working with Indigenous people and communities to explain to others the difference between fact and fiction in regards to the Indigenous People of Canada. You will be able to recognize the harm of these myths and assess your own thinking about these myths before and after the module to formulate a plan to share with others.

Module Level Learning Goals:

  • Answer the myth “Indigenous people don’t pay taxes”
  • Answer the myth “Indigenous people are all the same”
  • Answer the myth “Education is free for all Indigenous people”
  • Provide context to the question “What’s the difference between treaty, status and non-status?”

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